ELMER BERNSTEIN (Academy Award winning composer of To Kill a Mockingbird, The Magnificent Seven) “Ryan Shore gives the film a special character it would not have without the music.  A special marriage takes place such that the film will not be the same without it.”

AIN’T IT COOL NEWS “With each meticulously scored measure, Shore proves that film scoring remains a craft built upon the fundamentals of music composition. (as Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is named one of Ain’t It Cool News’ “Top 10 Scores of the Year”.)”

MAIN TITLES “Shore has seriously got what it takes. Providing an original and thematic voice that can only lead him to something bigger.  Let’s hope so for the future of film music.”

REVIEW GRAVEYARD “Watch out for Shore, it’s only a matter of time before he becomes a huge name in the industry.”

MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES “Ryan Shore is one of the most talented young composers on the scene today. While he remains a busy boy, he should surely be in line for a major motion picture score one of these days. If not, I say why not as the music showcased here is itself in a different league to many of the original scores for full length films being produced at the moment.”

ROGER EBERT & THE MOVIES “My favorite part of A Letter from the Western Front is the original score.”

AIN’T IT COOL NEWS “Ryan Shore blew me away with his large-scale orchestral homage to Universal monster music in Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, and his score for the Macedonian film Shadows is one of the most exquisitely beautiful I’ve heard in years. The music of Confession sounds exactly what I’ve come to expect from Mr. Shore. It’s provocative, intimate, and emotionally rich with plenty of material in the subtext.”

REVIEW GRAVEYARD “Shore proves, once again, that he is one of the most original and finest young composers working in the industry today.”

ON THE DESK “Ryan Shore is one of the last year’s most exciting discoveries. He has proven himself to be a most versatile and exciting talent. He is just an absolute all rounder and will be able to turn his hand to anything.”

INSIDE FILM MUSIC “Ryan Shore has raised the bar for himself with his wonderfully lush Americana score for Articles of War. It is safe to say that Ryan has amazing abilities in this genre especially, much in the likeness of the legendary maestro, John Williams. I have carefully thought out this comparison before making such a bold statement but it is my honor to say that Ryan has refined his style, and he is well on his way to being a household name.”

FILM SCORE MONTHLY “The listener may not be so much focused on the music (of the Confession soundtrack) as on his/her own life. This extremely well put together soundtrack weighs heavily on the mind. Needless to say, Shore knows what he’s doing, and the composer impresses with his talents to conjure full-fledged emotions. Shore’s overall vision: visceral emotion. Sit back and let everything from the beautiful solo voice to the heart wrenching melodies take you to a place you may have never been before (or at least recently): yourself.”

JOHN COOPER (Director of Programming, Sundance Film Festival)212 is a pleasure to experience, and when you include some perfect music choices, it becomes a triple-scoop romantic comedy with New York flavors.”

REVIEW GRAVEYARD “(Shadows is) another fantastic album of beautifully composed music from a composer who is going from strength to strength.”

THE WALL STREET JOURNALMr. Shore’s work (for The Shrine) is appropriately creepy, as befits its duty in a horror film.”

iF MAGAZINE “Ryan Shore more than proves he’s got the chops for a sophisticated, psychological thriller. His Shadows shows there’s a universal, musical language to conveying haunted characters, from creepy samples and a ghostly female voice to spine-chillingly beautiful themes, the kind of melodies that are all about achieving a personal, and spiritual transcendence as The Light finally comes a calling. It’s a hip way of hearing the age-old sound of a ghost story, a score whose creativity never says die.”

SCREEN SOUNDS “Shore has provided a serious orchestral score (for Shadows)… mournful and tense… with Shore’s use of strings at times reminding of the late great Bernard Herrmann.”

FATALLY-YOURS “The evocative and sparse score for Offspring was absolutely stunning and really made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. If anything in the film created a foreboding atmosphere, it was Shore’s score.”

RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE “It’s refreshing how Ryan Shore skillfully avoids the musical cliches that could’ve turned The Girl Next Door into a generic sexploitation film score. Writing a shocking sting is easy, but crafting a score that addresses serious social themes within a dramatic thriller takes balls. The score reaffirms Shore’s talent for tackling seriously tough material.”

AIN’T IT COOL NEWS “Composer Ryan Shore was tasked to enter the dungeon and express the brooding atmospheres necessary to propel the narrative (of The Girl Next Door) through the firm acquiescence of the audience. It’s a very emotional film and hard to watch yet Shore’s music helped ease us through the delicacies of the story with subtle efficiency. There are long haunting melodies and he’s careful not to comment upon the horrific images on screen directly but rather give them a soundboard for which to resonate.”

NICKOLAS COOKHeadspace may be one of the most perfectly constructed musical scores for a horror film since The Sixth Sense.”

MUSIC FROM THE MOVIES “Ryan Shore’s score to Headspace is a mature work that stands up to repeat plays. With beautiful work throughout… this is no music to sit back to… and this score deserves your ear space.”

MOVIE-WAVEHeadspace is one of the most plain terrifying scores in a long time. It’s chillingly effective and constantly rewarding.”

SOUNDTRACK.NET “Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the score for Headspace is its maturity in using restraint. It is a quiet and prime work that is best listened to in the dark.”

SCOREWARS.COMHeadspace clearly shows that Shore is innovative and creative, infusing his music with a plethora of styles. Shore is clearly a talent to be watched.”

SOUNDTRACK.COM “I have always thought that the simplest things are the most beautiful and the score for Shadowplay is a perfect example of this. It’s emotional carriage is huge.”

MUSICWEB-INTERNATIONAL “In Inside Film Music: Composer’s Speak, immediately one is impressed by his opening discussion with film composer Ryan Shore on the basic terms and techniques of film music starting with that old chestnut, “Why is there a need for film music?”. In fact, this is the best, most complete description of the process I can ever remember.”

STAGE SCENE LARyan Shore’s original music (in On Golden Pond) has just the right “watercolored memories” feel to it.”

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